Friday, May 6, 2011


Haiku seems to be making a resurgence in literary circles these days, as well as among naturalists (and friends) like Susan J. Tweit, Julie Zickefoose and Abigail Parker. Abby once committed to one haiku a day, and her verses are wonderful.

My most recent attempt to date is this:

Flaming clouds at dusk
Sear the sunset sky to black
Embers glow as stars

A previous attempt yielded something silly, based on watching traffic one morning while waiting for the bus:

Speeding trees go by
Riding in truck flowerbed
Destination home?

I would love for readers of this blog to share their own haiku poems; and also share their secrets for writing regularly in an age that eats your time before you know it is gone. Take care, friends.

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