Saturday, January 23, 2010


The recent storms that migrated here to Arizona from southern California have produced heavy rains in the valleys, and heavy snow in the higher elevations. Even the Santa Catalina Mountains, of only moderate altitude, got their share. I took these images from my apartment complex in midtown Tucson, looking north.

I find it rather amusing that there are palm trees in the foreground, and scenery more reminiscent of Colorado in the background. One of those two seems to be misplaced, maybe Photoshopped into the frame. Nope, it is all real.

My friends in Massachusetts would kid me about the snow when it fell during my stay up there, seems as how unaccustomed to precipitation I was. I'm actually no stranger to the white stuff, and quite enjoy it, especially away from an urban setting.

I remember when my Explorer Post, which kept me out of trouble during high school, had a weekend up near the timberline on Mt. Hood in Oregon. We stayed in a two-story cabin you had to reach on snowshoes at that time of year (April). We entered on the second floor. It was delightful: warm during the day with bright sun, the snow crystals gleaming like diamonds. Camp robbers (birds called gray jays) stole our pancakes, literally right out from under our noses, but we laughed.

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  1. Beautiful contrasts, Our winter wonderland will melt away as those same California storms bring 60 degree temps and 2 - 3 inches of rain to Massachusetts... Unfortunately for us we think of the dreaded "Mud Season" conditions... Still time today to check the sump pumps and clear the drains of snow. Just another day of life in New England :-)